Our Story


Loukya was founded with the philosophy of traversing through the rich South Indian heritage and culture and the desire to exhibit this tale weaved into the enthralling Kanchipuram sarees. The magic of our diverse and powerful South Indian heritage is so much of who we are, and that we commit to fine quality, originality, and handcrafted.


At Loukya we have an obsession with perfection, taking you through the creative design process by which a designer’s dreams become a Silk Saree lover’s reality, the ultimate expression of you.

A Heritage of Craft

What does it take to fall in love with a pure Silk saree?

Adai weave technique dating back thousands of years contribute to a highly skilled traditional weaving that is time-consuming while allowing us to execute elaborated motifs and patterns that makes the adorers stop and gaze at its beauty.


After examining different types of Silk sarees and their beauty we understood that we need to bring back the Adai sarees which is a time-honored tradition, a technique that is a handloom weaving technique that involves the interlocking of two different sets of warp threads to create a saree that is richly textured surface unique enough to make everyone gaze with its intricate designs and patterns and drape that is distinct among the handloom sarees because of it being lightweight in nature.

The Founders

Two sisters Jayashree and Rajashree who grew up in Coorg were always fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of the South Indian region and the exquisite artistry of traditional silk sarees. “Building a brand is about having strong conviction, at the same time it is also about being aware and we were aware that the authentic and classic handwoven Kanjeevaram sarees had somewhere lost their way and that is when we knew what we wanted to bring to the table.” Despite pursuing different careers, the sisters have always shared a passion for preserving the heritage and promoting the beauty of handwoven silk sarees. They believed that by creating a brand rooted in tradition, they could introduce a new generation to the timeless elegance and craftsmanship of handwoven silk sarees.

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